Product Videos

XenApp & XenDesktop Proactive Monitoring

Runtime: 15:20
MonitorIT helps system admins running XenApp and XenDesktop identify bottlenecks and remediate issues before end-user impact. During this session you will see how MonitorIT for XenApp and XenDesktop enables a proactive approach by IT and ensures a seamless end user experience.

Proactive Virtual Server Monitoring

Runtime: 13:07
During this short video podcast, you will see how MonitorIT can help users of virtual server technologies such as XenServer, VMware and Hyper-v gain access to critical information from the hypervisor down to the application level using both agent and agentless approaches to monitoring.

Proactive Remediation

Runtime: 10:04
One of the powerful capabilities of MonitorIT is the ability to perform automated remediation on potential performance bottlenecks throughout the infrastructure. During this video podcast we will review how MonitorIT through the use of its intelligent agents, can simultaneously alert and remediated issues out of the box but also perform custom fix actions.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Runtime: 2:38
In this brief video, we’ll talk about the flexibility and comprehensiveness of MonitorIT that allows a user to monitor the entire IT infrastructure from one central console.

New! Intelligent Agent Technology Enables Visibility, Remediation and Control

Runtime: 2:41
Not all agents are created equally. In this video podcast, learn about how the extremely lightweight MonitorIT Intelligent Agent enables you to see further and deeper into your virtual and physical IT infrastructure while enabling proactive capabilities such as threshold-based alerting and remediation actions.

New! Incorporate VMware and Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop into Your Enterprise Monitoring Framework

Runtime: 1:19
Many legacy technologies lack the out of the box capability to monitor VMware, XenServer, Hyper-V and Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. In this video you will understand how MonitorIT is designed to easily coexist and extend the value of already implemented enterprise frameworks by adding out-of-the box capabilities for monitoring VMware, XenServer, Hyper-V and Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop so enterprise organizations can still leverage a centralized monitoring console in a familiar interface.

New! A Better Way to Monitor XenServer, VMware and Hyper-V

Runtime: 1:58
How many monitoring tools does your organization have? One for physical servers? One for virtual servers? How about monitoring your virtual desktops or networks? In this video learn about how MonitorIT consolidates the need for multiple monitoring solutions for IT professionals into one easy-to-use, yet powerful proactive monitoring solution.

New! Supporting XenApp and XenDesktop Customers Using Edgesight

Runtime: 4:56
Citrix EdgeSight lacks the ability to see beyond XenApp and XenDesktop session information into the supporting infrastructure. Seamless delivery of a VDI experience is contingent on having visibility into the supporting infrastructure in which XenApp and XenDesktop relies on. In this video learn how MonitorIT delivers capabilities beyond EdgeSight and Desktop Director to monitor not only the VDI sessions themselves but the entire supporting infrastructure while adding out-of-the-box proactive capabilities for IT such as alerting and remediation.

New! What’s New In MonitorIT 11

Runtime: 3:49
In this video you will learn about some of the new features and functionality found in MonitorIT 11 and how it can change your approach from reactive to proactive in managing and monitoring virtual desktops, virtual servers and the entire IT infrastructure. MonitorIT 11 was specifically designed to meet the demands of IT professionals working in the virtual desktop and virtual server environment to stop end user alerting and keep supporting infrastructure for XenApp and XenDesktop running smoothly. This helps ensure a seamless application experience in user sessions.

MonitorIT for Your VMware Environment

Runtime: 3:22
MonitorIT is the only comprehensive VMware monitoring product on the market. MonitorIT provides Intelligent Agent and agentless flexibility to comprehensively monitor the virtual environment, which includes the supporting physical infrastructure, all from a single interface.

MonitorIT for Your Citrix Environment

Runtime: 3:20
MonitorIT is the only comprehensive Citrix monitoring product on the market. MonitorIT provides Intelligent Agent and agentless flexibility to comprehensively monitor the virtual environment, which includes the supporting physical infrastructure, all from a single interface.

Remote Site Monitoring with Master Agent Capability

Runtime: 2:40
The “Master Agent” feature is a subset of the overall Intelligent Agent functionality. In this video, we explain how the “Master Agent” monitors and manages remote locations quickly and easily.

MonitorIT for Network Monitoring

Runtime: 1:49
The flexibility of MonitorIT allows customers to leverage a single solution throughout their IT infrastructure, to ensure network availability and identify performance bottlenecks. In this video, we focus on MonitorIT’s out-of-the box network monitoring capabilities.

MonitorIT for Application Monitoring

Runtime: 2:05
The flexibility of MonitorIT allows customers to leverage a single solution throughout their IT infrastructure to ensure application availability, identify performance bottlenecks and implement remediation actions. In this brief video, we focus on MonitorIT’s out-of-the box application monitoring capabilities.

HyperThetical for NetScaler Overview

Runtime: 11:27
This video provides a detailed look at HyperThetical for NetScaler and how it adds tremendous value to the users of Citrix NetScaler by providing real-time and historical reports on users, servers, NetScaler and application usage.

HyperThetical for NetScaler Demo

Runtime: 11:10
This video is a live demonstration of the HyperThetical for NetScaler product. During the video you will see how to navigate the technology and use the real-time dashboards and historical reports to optimize application delivery through Citrix NetScaler.

The MSP Business Conversation

Runtime: 16:17
This video podcast will take you through the business case for MaaS with MonitorIT along with a brief pricing scenario with showing projected MSP payback and profitability.

The MSP Technical Conversation

Runtime: 10:53
This video will show how MonitorIT contains feature and functionality that is purpose built to make MaaS for MSP’s simple and easy to execute. This session discusses items like remote and hosted infrastructure monitoring as well as the multi-tenant capabilities of MonitorIT.

New! Proactively Identifying Applications and Users Using Too Much CPU

Runtime: 15:30
During this session, we’ll show how MonitorIT can quickly determine the root cause of excessive CPU consumption by a particular application and proactively remediate the situation within your environment.

New! Identifying and Proactively Alerting of ICA Latency within XenApp Sessions

Runtime: 9:42
This troubleshooting video will identify and proactively alert to ICA conditions within XenApp sessions. This will enable XenApp administrators to stay ahead of end-user alerts by identifying the root cause of potential performance issues within XenApp before end users are actually effected.

New!  Optimizing XenApp and XenDesktop Images

Runtime: 17:32
This video will examine how MonitorIT can help optimize XenApp and XenDesktop PVS and VDI images by evaluating the performance of your existing environment and Discovering where certain underperforming elements reside will help you quickly pinpoint what infrastructure elements to be optimized to enhance VDI performance.

New! Identifying Resource Allocation and Server Configuration Problems in XenApp and XenDesktop

Runtime: 12:09
This troubleshooting video covers how MonitorIT can proactively identify and report-on IT infrastructure elements over-utilizing supporting resources.

New! Proactively Maintaining the Write Cache in a XenApp and XenDesktop Environment

Runtime: 9:02
In a provisioned XenApp and XenDesktop environment, maintaining the server write cache is key to optimizing your VDI environment. In this video, we’ll set up proactive monitoring rules and remediation actions to keep the write cache at performant levels.

New! Alerting and Fixing an Unregistered VDI Session in XenDesktop

Runtime: 2:26
In this quick video, you will learn how to automate the determination and termination of an unregistered XenDesktop VDI session on your system with MonitorIT.

New! Quickly Identify an Application Over-Utilizing CPU Resources

Runtime: 3:21
In the video, we’ll set a custom monitoring rule and email alert in MonitorIT to detect if QuickBooks is over-utilizing CPU resources on a particular server.

New! Troubleshooting IMA Service Failure

Runtime: 4:39
This video will take you through the process of creating a monitoring rule, alert and remediation action for IMA Service failures.

New! Fixing the Citrix Print Manager

Runtime: 2:32
MonitorIT has the ability to proactively reboot the Citrix Print Manager when it detects a failure. This video takes you through the steps of creating a workflow for this process with MonitorIT.

New! Alerting of XenApp Disk Latency

Runtime: 2:22
When XenApp users complain of lag or underperforming sessions latency is sometimes to blame. In this video we’ll set up MonitorIT to proactively alert of XenApp disk latency whenever a performance threshold is breached on a particular server.

Goliath Technologies Company Overview

Runtime: 8:36
This brief video podcast focuses on an overview of Goliath Technologies.