Citrix NetScaler Analysis & Reporting

Be Proactive.
Being PROACTIVE Means Acting In Advance To Deal With An Expected Difficulty.
Goliath Products Enable IT Professionals To BE PROACTIVE!
  • Alert on high latency and poor performance of:
    • Web pages
    • Servers
    • Applications
    • XenApp and XenDesktop
  • Historical dashboards and reports to trend changes in utilization and predict future bottlenecks
  • Correlate User>Application>Server to identify the user’s behavior that resulted in the problem.
  • Real-time dashboards to identify problems as soon as they happen
  • On-demand reporting to isolate the root cause of problems
  • Change the reporting perspective from User to Applications to Server to Netscaler (multi-dimensional reports) to identify the full impact of an error or condition
  • Application usage reports for management
  • VDI/Application-User-Session Correlation
  • Gain insight into session performance and behavior to identify most frequently used
    applications or trending performance conditions
  • Share live dashboards for cross team troubleshooting.
  • Email historical reports on application utilization and XenApp Session Performance.
Real-Time Dashboards & Historical Reports from Your NetScaler…all for $600 per NetScaler.

HyperThetical for NetScaler is a purpose built technology that, combined with Citrix NetScaler, allows the user to view real-time dashboards, live reports and run historical analysis for management and application owners on critical data related to XenApp and XenDesktop, application utilization and access, NetScaler functions and server performance.

HyperThetical for NetScaler features out of the box integration with Citrix NetScaler.This powerful add-on to NetScaler enables administrators to:

  • Track User behavior.
  • Run Historical trending analysis and run reports.
  • Isolate Client and server-side performance issues.
  • Anticipate Application and server performance issues.
  • Create Performance thresholds and alerts.
  • Track Application and server utilization.
  • Understand Key XenApp and XenDesktop performance metrics like ICA latency, Jitter and RTT.
  • Freely Share live, interactive reports with colleagues, management and application owners.
  • Fully Understand and correlate availability and latency of servers and VIPs.
  • …much more!
  • Additionally, HyperThetical for NetScaler sends syslog messages to other monitoring solutions such as MonitorIT, enterprise monitoring frameworks and business intelligence tools like Splunk and Crystal Reports. This enables system administrators to be even more proactive with their NetScaler environment by integrating their analysis and reporting into a centralized monitoring tool and process. All of these enhancements make it easier and faster for companies of all sizes to optimize their IT environments – helping to ensure a seamless delivery of applications while reducing the number helpdesk tickets generated by end users.


    coxIssue: Remote OWA users experiencing unexplained downtime in 10 minute intervals when connecting to back-end servers.
    Resolution: HyperThetical analyzed the incoming connections and backend Exchange servers to troubleshoot the issue and provide a resolution path to the Cox Team.  Through the use of HyperThetical for NetScaler, Cox was easily able to determine the OWA issues were related to external network conditions impacting inbound requests.
    Results: Remote users are now able to connect from OWA to Exchange with no downtime. Additionally, Cox is now providing application owners inside of their organization reports showing application access for security and audit purposes.

    suncoastIssue: 80% of total workforce was remote using XenApp and XenDesktop sessions passing through NetScaler. Had no way to stay ahead of performance issues related to the handoff.
    Resolution: HyperThetical for NetScaler analyzed the NetScaler ecosystem and quickly identified that external network latency the root cause of the issue.
    Results: Suncoast was able to stay ahead of performance degradation in VDI sessions, better balance back-end server requests for their remote users and quickly pinpoint any network failure points.

    Live Dashboards

    NetScaler and VIP Analysis

    Analyze User Behavior

    Troubleshooting With HyperThetical

    XenApp/XenDesktop Analysis

    Key Features

    • Support for NetScaler 9.3, 10.0, and 10.1 and corresponding AppFlow protocols.
    • HDX Insight metrics fully supported.
    • VMware, XenServer, and Hyper-V Hypervisor Support.
    • Installs in minutes as a virtual appliance.
    • Auto deployment & discovery of NetScaler environment
    • API Interface for direct data export to data warehouses and other BI environments.
    • Integration into other monitoring tools and frameworks.
    • Real Time and Historic NetScaler Analysis.
    • Fully customizable dashboards and reports.
    • Quick drill down into key performance metrics and reports.
    • Share fully-interactive LIVE reports with team members – no additional licenses required!
    • Mobile Ready for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Microsoft Surface.
    • LOW COST – $600 per NetScaler device.

    How We Analyze

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    Minimums for Load Balancing and Connection visibility:

    Model: Netscaler ADC (Application Delivery Controller)

    Build: 9.3 or newer

    Platform: VPX, MPX, or SDX

    Licensing Edition: Enterprise or Platinum


    Minimums for XenApp/ XenDesktop Session information:

    Model: Netscaler ADC (Application Delivery Controller)

    Note: Citrix Access Gateway, Netscaler Gateway only models are not supported

    Build: 10.1 and newer

    Platform: VPX, MPX, or SDX

    Licensing Edition: Enterprise or Platinum