Virtual Server and Virtual Desktop Monitoring, Reporting, Analysis and Remediation

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  • Comprehensive Alerts
    • Faults
    • Events
    • Thresholds
  • Automatic Remediation Sequences
  • Historical Reports
  • Real Time Log Management
  • Correlate Application>Server>User
  • Grouping by Infrastructure, Application, Geography, Business
  • Real Time Dashboards
  • One View of Virtual Server, Virtual Desktop and Physical Infrastructure
Monitor. Analyze. Report. Remediate.
  • Easy to Use
  • 24/7 Real Time Monitoring
  • Multiple Hypervisors/One Solution
  • Automated Remediation
  • Alerting and Troubleshooting
  • Performance Analysis
  • Physical and Virtual Environment
  • Management Reporting
  • Dashboards with Easy Drill Down
  • Affordable
Specific MonitorIT Features:

Quick to Install and Configure

Monitoring in Minutes–MonitorIT’s ‘out-of-the-box’ installation, gets you up and monitoring within minutes. Without any customization you can begin monitoring for resource utilization, failures, and begin reporting on your environment through our easy to use dashboards, web interface, or plugins to VMware vCenter & Citrix XenCenter. Out-of-the-box there are 130 preconfigured monitoring rules or MIT PAKs that enable you to gain visibility into your virtual hosts, physical servers, virtual machines, application, network devices, and storage.

MonitorIT comes with over 130 pre-configured monitoring rules built into the product, and additional monitoring rules are available to download and post on the MIT Rules Exchange. Below is a sample list of some of the monitoring rules that allow a user to automatically begin monitoring their infrastructure.

Pre-configured Monitoring Rules

By leveraging MonitorIT’s flexibility to monitor both agentlessly and with agents, users can easily build new watch rules without having to perform any programming or complex scripting. Instead users can leverage our easy to use new monitoring rules guide to monitor any application or device for which a preconfigured monitoring rules does not already exist.

MonitorIT can monitor anything in your IT infrastructure that has processes, services, generates log files, is SNMP enabled, or generates SYSLOG messages. If you have any web applications, MonitorIT can even monitor its performance and availability. This flexibility is enabled with our easy to use ‘Watch’ templates where administrators simply choose the key criteria to be monitored and the alert actions to be taken. Users can even share watches with other customers and download new watches as they are posted to the MIT Rules Exchange.

Comprehensive Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring

There is no hypervisor limitation. MonitorIT, from Goliath Technologies, ships today with complete support for monitoring the entire virtual environment, including metrics from the hypervisor, directly from the virtual machines via an “Intelligent Agent”, and the associated physical IT infrastructure. This is distinctly different from other monitoring solutions as they are likely to be limited to only those metrics provided by the hypervisor which don’t include granular data about the virtual machines and their applications or the physical environment. MonitorIT provides “Comprehensive monitoring of the virtual infrastructure”

XenCenter/vCenter Integration: MonitorIT UI integrates with Citrix XenCenter or vCenter via a Tab plug-in so that the console can be leveraged for a seamless operation. Certainly, the native MonitorIT console can be used if a user doesn’t have XenCenter or vCenter as well as integrate with standard infrastructure management consoles.

Not Just Virtual Servers: The virtual infrastructure is not a silo in and of itself; total availability and performance can be severely impacted by the supporting architecture which often include physical servers, network devices, and storage. As a complete and comprehensive monitoring solution MonitorIT has the ability to monitor all of the components in a modern IT infrastructure from a single console. MonitorIT has support for monitoring all Windows Operating Systems, and deep monitoring of associated Windows applications, including Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange Server, IIS, and third-party applications such as Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. MonitorIT also has support for monitoring all Linux/Unix variations, from RedHat to Solaris, including HP-UX and IBM AIX. Finally, MonitorIT monitors the underlying network and storage infrastructure.

Intelligent Agent: The “Intelligent Agent” has several unique features that make it worthy of being considered intelligent. First, it is very easy to deploy and configure relative to most agents. Next, it is able to capture deep diagnostic metrics with little resource utilization, typically only 1MB in size, and utillizes on average 0.1% of CPU and 16MB of Memory. Finally, any agent can be designated a “Master Agent” and then be tasked with capturing SNMP Traps and Syslog messages from any such enabled device in your environment. If an SNMP Trap or Syslog alerting condition is triggered, the “Master Agent” will then send alerts to the Monitor IT server. This is incredibly helpful as it provides a facility for deployed agents, at a remote site, behind a firewall to monitor network devices, while negating the requirement to deploy an additional monitoring server to each location.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Agent and Agentless: Providing the IT user with ultimate flexibility, visibility, and control, MonitorIT is both agent based for monitoring Windows virtual machines, Linux & Unix virtual machines, and agentless via SNMP, Syslog messages, and hypervisor integration to Citrix XenServer & VMWare vSphere ESX & ESXi

Multi-Tenant Views: Multi-Tenancy Support – Monitor IT elegantly operates in a service provider environment so that individual or comprehensive views of all customers can be monitored. Customizable group, security and Watch list settings allow multiple administrators to effectively manage the IT assets and applications in disparate client environments from one screen.

  • Group Assets by Customer: Group physical and virtual hosts, virtual machines, storage, network devices, and desktops by customer or location.
  • Management Views: Customize to control views within our product to show the customer just their environment while the consultant or service provider can see and manage all customers. Enable executives and account managers to run reports and see dashboards for their specific customers without the rights to inadvertently change configurations.
  • Apply Security by Role and Customer: Depending on security requirements configure Customer, Engineer, and/or Management access.
  • Remote Management: Often the “tenants” are separated by firewalls; MonitorIT has the ability monitor those environments without deploying any additional servers or proxies. Agents deployed to those locations can securely connect back to the MonitorIT central server over an encrypted connection.

Custom Reports

  • Out of the box reports to analyze IT infrastructure health, perform capacity planning around memory and storage utilization, security reporting, and even uptime & chargeback data
  • Report on your virtual hosts, virtual machines, storage, and any physical servers in your environment for CPU, Memory, Storage, Disk I/O trending.
  • Dynamic dashboards for reporting on resource utilization, alerting status, and graph based metrics

Enterprise Functionality

Consolidated Enterprise Dashboards: View Physical and Virtual Servers, Hypervisor Metrics, Network, Desktop, Applications and storage from one central location. MIT metrics can be viewed in XenCenter or vCenter via a smart plug-in or integrated with Enterprise Management Suites.

Highly Scalable: Monitor IT is scalable to thousands of servers, network devices and other elements of the IT Infrastructure

Automated Remediation and Recovery: Automated remediation and recovery actions can be created based on thresholds and dependencies.

Full Infrastructure Monitoring: Servers, Networks, Applications, Desktops and Storage

Central Console: All monitoring, alerting, diagnosing, graphing, collecting, and reporting information available at the central MonitorIT Server can be accessed from anywhere with MonitorIT’s remote IE based console.

Integration with Ticketing Systems: Ease the process of tasking engineers with accurate information to resolve problems with the infrastructure. This integration can be performed in one of three ways:

  • email: MonitorIT can structure an email to be retrieved by a ticketing system, and composed with customizable details to communicate enough information for a resolution
  • SNMP: Verbose SNMP traps can be generated and automatically directed to be retrieved
  • SYSLOG: Similarly to SNMP, a SYSLOG message can be generated, also encapsulating all the necessary details about an alert condition

Physical and Virtual Environment: The physical infrastructure can impact the performance of virtual servers and workstations. MonitorIT manages both from a central console. It is a complete and comprehensive server, workstation and network monitoring solution. It has support for monitoring all Windows OS systems, and deep monitoring of associated Windows applications, including Microsoft applications such as SQL Server, Exchange Server, IIS, and third-party applications such as Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. MonitorIT also has support for monitoring all Linux/Unix variations, from Red Hat to Solaris, including HP-UX and IBM-AIX. Finally, MonitorIT monitors the underlying network and storage infrastructure.

Cost Effective

Price points that are drastically lower than other enterprise solutions with similar functionality and scalability. Learn more

Purchase only the number of licenses as required; easily add licenses as you grow.
Support for Service Providers with SPLA licensing options.