How to Resolve Four Common Citrix Issues

Goliath’s Consulting and Monitoring Services represent an accelerated path to becoming Proactive. Our Proactive monitoring consultants provide the highest level of expertise for organizations looking to comprehensively monitor their virtual desktop, virtual servers, and supporting infrastructure faster than ever thought possible. Whether you own or are preparing to deploy Goliath Performance Monitor or Goliath for NetScaler, you can leverage the value that our expert team of internal consultants provide. With consulting services from Goliath Technologies, your organization can get our solutions expertly installed and configured, gain free product certifications from our master instructors, and have expert eyes watching over your environment and reporting back to you.

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Goliath Care

Proactive Monthly Monitoring Services – Goliath Technologies offers ongoing consulting services that leverage Goliath Performance Monitor to enable clients to better proactively monitor the performance of their infrastructure and applications. Our Monthly Monitoring Service pairs your organization with one of our consultants to gain ongoing expert insight into your virtual and physical environments through reports and proactive monitoring optimization. Click here to learn more.

24/7 Outsourced Remote Monitoring Service – Who better to trust with monitoring your Citrix environment, applications, and underlying infrastructure then Goliath Technologies. Goliath has purpose built monitoring technology and expert consultants that will provide 24/7 comprehensive, remote monitoring of Citrix, critical applications, and infrastructure components. Our Monitoring Operations Center is staffed by expert Goliath consultants who will provide monitoring and proactive analysis and reporting on potential issues to help you get them resolved BEFORE they become visible to end users.

Goliath Training

Jumpstart Training – Our expert consultants deliver web-based or on-premise training as part of the implementation services or as standalone events.

Training and Certification – Goliath’s Hosted Training and Certification Program is ideal for our clients and partners looking to learn how to effectively leverage our technology or get hands on with our latest features.

Goliath Consulting

Goliath Turnkey Implementation – Goliath’s Consulting Services enable organizations to get up and running with Goliath Performance Monitor and Goliath for NetScaler quickly and efficiently. Our expert consultants will quickly get the product installed and deployed and will set up monitoring rules and remediation actions for your infrastructure.

Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop Troubleshooting – Clients will often contract with Goliath to troubleshoot performance issues related to Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop. This unique service allows customers, without purchasing the product, to leverage its capabilities to identify root cause, remediate, and offer reports that confirm the source of the performance issues. Download the technical case study that shows how a customer utilized this service and reduced support tickets by 25%. Download the PDF and visit our troubleshooting page.